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Ömür Kula Çapan

“She is one of the best creative minds that I've ever worked with. Her sense of logic and her sense of direction never weakens and yet she can think out of the box. She's analytical, she's practical and she will make you laugh. :) Her sense of humor is just another example of her insight fullness and proves how fully she grasps the human condition. She will fight you until she can find the meaning in a seemingly boring job. She will always help you keep in mind that all this is for a reason. She is a must have in all teams. She is above all, a great friend."


" ...I was so impressed with Tuğba from day one that I asked her to move with me whenever I changed roles within the organization. Tuğba is one of those rare individuals who excel in both analytical and creative thinking. She has demonstrated her skills and her endless passion to learn repeatedly, while redesigning bank’s credit card sales process or building complex analytical propensity models or designing Enpara.com’s social media strategy, website and mobile banking application...

She is one the most curious, passionate and insightful minds I have ever met. This, combined with her ability to learn and adapt quickly, enables her to succeed in anything she chooses to focus on...


...Being a shy and introvert person, she might initially come across as a bit cold and detached. But, as she gets comfortable with a new environment and gets to know the people, her big heart and colorful personality comes to light and charms everyone around."