I graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Engineering department in 2010 and started my career in Finansbank. 

After working at retail marketing analytics department, I become one of the founding members of Enpara.com and took part in developing products and services of this new bank. Within that period, I designed the web and mobile banking experiences of Enpara.com.

Later on, I gained digital agency experience at Tribal Worldwide, marketplace experience at Arabam.com and agile working experience as a Scrum Master at Vodafone Turkey. 
Currently, I'm a freelance UX designer & strategist after 10 years of corporate life, and working on different projects ranging from financial institutions to start-ups.

November 2019 - Curent


UX Designer & Consultant

Currently working as a freelance UX designer & consultant for several customers such as banks, digital design agencies and startups.

September 2020 - Curent

Kadir Has University

Part-time Instructor

Information Architecture and Interaction Design Course

May 2018 - October 2019

Vodafone Turkey

UX Lead

In an agile environment, taking place in several agile squads and redesigning online application, device purchase flows and corporate My Vodafone web site. Also first scrum master experience.

November 2016 - April 2018


UX Specialist

Designing web and mobile user experiences of Arabam.com’s digital platforms. Doing user researches, interviewing with users, tracking user behaviours from digital tracking tools, analysing Google data to understand behaviour patterns, drawing wireframes and building prototypes.

June 2014 - November 2016

Tribal Worldwide Istanbul

UX Designer

Working on digital projects including corporate, B2B and B2C e-commerce web sites and mobile apps for clients from different sectors like telecommunication, construction, entertainment, energy, automotive and retailers to improve customer acquisition and increase sales with a better UX.

October 2012  -  June 2014

Finansbank Enpara.com

Product Dev. and Comm. Asst. Vice President 

As a member of the team who is responsible from digital assets (including web sites, mobile apps, internal dashboards, ATM screens, etc.), taking part in various roles related to customer experience. Designing new products and services, UX design of digital assets, project management and quality assurance of new products’ effects on digital assets, planning and implementing the social media strategy as a service tool, defining and solving problems by communicating with customers directly, controlling and improving the quality of digital assets with the help of usability tests.

August 2011  -  October 2012


CEO Office Supervisor

As a member of Enpara.com Project Management Team, which includes business consultants, IT professionals, project managers and brand strategists, designing internal and external flows, products and services of this new bank. During and after the development process, working side by side with designers, researchers and developers.

October 2010  -  August 2011


Retail Marketing Analytics Asst. Supervisor

Joining lessons and workshops of the MT Program and preparing a final project in the bank (implementing uplift modelling in the marketing analytics department) for more productive marketing campaigns.

The first application of "Life Cycle" based segmentation for the retail segment. First application of Uplift Modelling in the bank for more efficient marketing campaigns as the MT programme final project. Running data mining projects including propensity models, behaviour models and trend analysis.


GFK Turkey